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Durham Android Boxes is a simple home based business operating from my home on Trulls Rd. in Courtice, Ontario. (please email me for address)

My Philosophy is simply to provide you with high quality products at lower cost than the other guys. If for any reason your Android box fails or you need it reprogrammed, let me know. I will make it right.

An Android box has no moving parts in them, making them very reliable units. Therefore, the only thing that cannot be fixed is when the unit has been fried due to a power surge.  The remote is not covered by warranty because it can be dropped, kicked or mishandled.

Please contact me prior to your visit so that I can properly prepare.


Sales, Comments and General Questions

For questions regarding the use or sale of my work, comments or general questions, please contact me using the form below.

I also program boxes. You need at least Android 5 to upgrade Kodi to 17.x
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* All android boxes are warranted for 6 months after purchases
** The remote is not covered by warranty. (as it can be dropped, kicked or mishandled)


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